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Honde ground screw factory based in Hebei province of China and established in 2002, manufacturer and exporter of ground screw,screw pile,post anchor and other steel production. Making long-term business relationship with many companies around the world, such as ALDI, LIDL, KEMER and so on.

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Patent certificateag环亚电游网址

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Advanced machineryag环亚电游网址

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Exporting 40’container of Ground Screw to Russia

Exporting 40’container of Ground Screw to Russiaag环亚电游娱乐

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Ground screw as foundation is used in kinds of industries and it can support several of posts(lamp post, mailbox post, fence post) and buildings or solar racking/mounting system as foundations.

Ground Screw are Exported to Thailand

Ground Screw are Exported to Thailandag环亚电游网址


One 40’ container holds 1824pieces kinds of ground screws and the type of ground screw is ground screw F. Ground screw F is one important and popular type for most of customers in Europe and America.It is incredible that ground screw with round flange(gro

Delivery Ground Screw F to Russia

Delivery Ground Screw F to Russiaag环亚电游网页版

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We will delivery 40’container of ground screw to Russia. Russia is our main market of ground screw we exported and most of customer in Russia is very reliable for our ground screws. From 2002 to now, we exported honde ground screw to Russia and ground scr

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